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Lakis Gym - Mathioudakis Lakis - Gym - Fitness - Personal Training - Aerobics Group Programs - Ierapetra Crete


Welcome to Lakis Gym, your bodybuilding destination in the heart of Ierapetra, Crete. Lakis Gym, under the supervision of the distinguished Lakis Mathioudakis, is the ideal place for those who love bodybuilding and are looking for an environment dedicated to muscle growth and enhancing their physical shape.

At Lakis Gym, we understand that bodybuilding is much more than just exercise – it's a way of life. In a welcoming and specialized environment, we offer the ideal combined experience between professional training and friendly community.

At Lakis Gym you will find the complete package of bodybuilding services. Regardless of your training level, you'll have access to expert trainers, state-of-the-art equipment and an environment that encourages your body's growth.

Lakis Mathioudakis, one of the leaders in the field of bodybuilding, has the knowledge and experience to guide you in achieving your goals. As Personal Trainer World Champion and Greek champion in the Men Fitness over 40 category, Lakis Mathioudakis shares the secret techniques and strategy that led him to the top.

At Lakis Gym, we offer not only the opportunity to achieve the body of your dreams, but also to join a community that shares a passion for bodybuilding. Come to Lakis Gym and let us help you get to the best version of yourself through bodybuilding and our love of health and wellness.